Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Contemplating Life

Sitting here at the computer contemplating life. Appreciating that parenting is hard work and sometimes you feel like you are just spitting in the wind. But then your child surprises you and shares his thoughts about future and present and values. You look at yourself and say, 'where did that come from?'. But maybe I need to say to myself, it came from all those times we thought we were just spitting in the wind, collapsing into bed feeling like we had lost the battle. I am hopeful that small victories provide an insight into the character of a young man, hidden away. I am trusting God that our foundation is strong enough to hold as the waves of uncertainty come crashing down. Trusting that eyes have not been closed as days, months and years of hard work have been dedicated to his upbringing. Hopeful in the man he will become!

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