Sunday, October 10, 2010

College Applications

Our family has lived through the college application, reference letter checking, scholarship hunting frenzy already once when our daughter Mary was a senior. Now we are in the 2nd round. Our son David will graduate this year. Once again we are being challenged to complete packages that will be sent off in many different directions. I remember someone telling me in a seminar or college Open House one time to have your child do as much of the application and package as possible. Well I am here to say that filling out applications for a child entering the Naval Academy are no walk in the park. When our daughter went through her senior year we thought is was tough because she was in the running for a Teaching Fellows Scholarship which required an extensive package, letters of reference and many interviews. All of that hard work paid off and she earned the scholarship and is happily settled into ASU's teaching program. Our son now is asking to be nominated to the USNA by members of state congress and getting letters of recommendation from City Commissioners. It is only the beginning for him. Eventually we will need these same letters from the President. We work on this process a little every day and hope to see him off to school next fall as well.      

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