Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Prayers for Chris Smith #11 for Tuscola

My heart aches for a young man who lost his mother over the weekend. She was the victim of Domestic Violence on the night of the biggest Tuscola game of the year. Her son, Chris Smith, the place kicker and my son are on the line together every Friday night. The players are doing their best to support and be there for Chris. But it is a shock felt all through the High School and throughout the families in Haywood County. My daughter Bethany has a class with a daughter of the man who is now in prison for the crime. Questions of why and how and what if are all over the place. I pray that Chris will be able to grow up with a lot of support and encouragement and that this tragedy will not prevent him from reaching his dreams. As a mother of a senior I can only imagine how sad it is to think that all the big events of Chris's life will be without his mother. Life is precious handle with prayer and care!

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